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Trades Recruiting So You Can Get Back To Work

Now there's an easier way for high-quality tradespeople and best-in-class employers to find each other

Welcome to Xemplar, a new breed of recruiting service that provides headhunting-quality recruiting services to best-in-class trades employers and high-quality tradesmen.

Technology was meant to make things easier, but the reality is that job searching and employee hiring has become a train wreck with thousands of bad employers and bad job candidates in any area making it impossible for high-quality employees and best-in-class employers to get together. Staffing agencies promise the world to employers and candidates, but their lack of standards and lack of expertise make them only capable of wrangling bodies into unskilled positions.

At Xemplar, we took a fresh approach. We listened to both trades employers and tradespeople to understand exactly what they needed. Instead of starting with what already existed or what was easiest, we decided to design a better recruiting service for tradesmen, leveraging the power of expert trades recruiters, targeted regional talent networks, unmatched standards, and innovative systems and marketing tools.

The result is a tradesmen recruiting service that is now enabling best-in-class trades employers and high-quality tradespeople to rise above the labor market chaos and get back to work.


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