Choose From Multiple High-Quality Electrical Companies

Within a week, you could be interviewing and considering long-term offers from multiple high-quality electrical companies. You'll have an experienced trades recruiter in your corner, presenting opportunities that fit your exact needs and goals. What's best is there is NO COST to you and Xemplar only places tradespeople for long-term direct placement. So NO TEMP JOBS and no worry about who and where you will be working next. We manage your job search, line up your interviews, and help you negotiate an outstanding starting wage.


  • Highly competitive wages based on skill and experience
  • Full benefits, including bonuses, medical, vacation, 401k, etc.
  • Closely vetted best-in-class employers
  • Solid long-term career opportunities
  • Work with experienced trades recruiters
  • No cost ever for placements with our clients

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Call us at 844-936-7527 or submit your contact info. We will reach out to you to learn more about your experience and exactly what you are looking for in a position.

    Talent FAQs

    1Why is Xemplar a great company to partner with on my job search?
    We work exclusively with top employers, and manage your job search for you, while you work. We take the time to get to know you and the type of position and company that you are looking for. All positions that we place are direct placements and not unpredictable temp positions.
    2What will I get paid in my new Electrician position?
    Our clients generally base wages on skill and experience. We are happy to share the wage range each employer would consider. We require that the employer offer full benefits and in many cases there are other bonuses and incentives provided.
    3Where are the companies that Xemplar works with?
    Xemplar's clients are generally in the State of Utah from Ogden to Provo. Tell us exactly where you would like to be working and we can likely find a great fit.
    4Do I have to accept a job with Xemplar?
    Never. You decide what type of opportunities you want to consider and you never have to accept an offer from one of our client companies.
    5Do I have to pay Xemplar for its recruiting services?
    Xemplar's recruiting services are completely FREE to our candidates. All hiring expenses are covered by the hiring employer.
    6Who will I work with at Xemplar?
    You will immediately be assigned a dedicated recruiter at Xemplar, who will get to know you and provide you options of companies with which you might want to work. Even after you are placed, your recruiter will always be available to you to answer questions and act as a long-term career coach.
    7What is Xemplar's reputation like?
    We have been in business since 2013 and have developed a unique reputation as a skilled workforce recruiting and staffing firm. We were recently selected by Top Rated Local as the #1 rated employment agency in Salt Lake City.

    Questions? Call Us At (844) 936-7527