Industrial Staffing Reinvented

Pay Less Than Staffing, Get Way Better Results

We all know that industrial staffing isn't exactly a perfect service. While useful to source generic laborers to perform simple tasks, it's not great at finding solid, skilled, long-term employees. Unfortunately, we put up with the headaches, turnover, and wasted budget that goes with staffing, because there has never been a better alternative out there... UNTIL NOW!

We partnered with our clients and developed a service based on our clients' common objective: to find great long-term employees with the skills and/or high-potential to be highly successful. We decided that expert recruiters would be required to understand the complexities of our unique industrial clients. We decided to focus on direct placement positions so that we could attract the pool of candidates that would never consider leaving their jobs for "temp" positions. We decided to develop a pricing model that would match the cost of staffing services and then give clients the option to extend placement guarantees to whatever levels they wanted.

The result is XEMPLAR, a nationwide industrial recruiting service that brings headhunting-quality recruiting to our client's core trades, manager-level, and specialty positions. Our placement success rates exceed traditional staffing by 3 times (80% vs. 25%). We learn our client's needs like we are an extension of their own company. Our pricing model gives our clients extensive options to manage budgets and establish generous guarantees for each placement.


Our Clients Include:

Highlights of our service:

  • Access to expert headhunting-quality recruiters (not amateurs and admins)
  • Nationwide assistance across your full organization and all locations (not just local)
  • Placement success rates 3x higher than staffing (80% vs. 25%)
  • Placement fee options as low as staffing (with drastically higher success rates)
  • Placement guarantee options ranging from 3-months up to 12-months
  • No upfront fees
  • Reduce turnover, headaches, and wasted money


"If you regularly hire industrial employees or use a staffing service, there is no reason not to try this superior alternative to staffing!"

Positions Include:

And Many More!

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