West Valley City, Utah has become a thriving community for manufacturing businesses. A business-friendly environment combined with easy access to Western U.S. markets makes the area ideal for manufacturing operations. Luckily and unfortauntely, the welcoming environment has made so many businesses successful that we are beginning to face deep shortages of high-quality personnel, especially in skilled positions. If these dynamics feel all too familiar, it is time to meet Xempler Tradesmen Recruiting's manufacturing recruiting services.

Why We’re Different

Staffing has been around for decades offering a "fast-fill" and high-turnover service for businesses that are ready and able to manage the constant replacement of unskilled workers. Unfortunately, as simple tasks are automated in the manufacturing environment, manufacturers have found that the constant failure, training and replacement of workers results in lower efficiency operations. Xemplar was designed specifically to solve the challenges of the modern manufacturing company. Focused exclusively on industrial recruiting, Xemplar delivers headhunting-quality industrial recruiting services, so manufacturers can source the long-term employees they need, at price point that actually reduces employee sourcing costs for its clients.

In addition, Xemplar's business model enables our team to employ expert recruiters that possess the knowledge to source and engage the highest quality industrial candidates in the market.

What You Can Do

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