Xemplar Workforce Solutions utilizes a proven five-step process to match employer job opportunities with great-fit candidates. We do this to guarantee that we source the ideal professionals for every available opportunity.

Step 1: Employer Evaluation

We begin by defining the job requirements, employer expectations, work environment, company culture and screening criteria.

Step 2: Candidate Search

We use digital and non-digital marketing channels to source the right candidates. We also utilize an extensive database of pre-qualified professionals, with whom we maintain relationships.

Step 3: Filtering Candidates

Having identified a prospect, we have the capability to conduct the following candidate screenings:
  • Work History Verification
  • Drug Testing
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Special By-Request Filtering

Step 4: Candidate Selection

Once we find a great-fit candidate, we coordinate with our clients to schedule an in-person or telephone interview. If an offer is extended, we coordinate acceptance, any negotiations, and final steps prior to start.

Step 5: Performance Evaluation

Post-hire, we maintain open communication with employers and employees to ensure the success of the placement.

Hire outstanding skilled workers!